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Remi Inari

    Remi Inari is a composer, music educator and director of Jazz Orchestra from Japan, currently living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


    She was born in Saitama, Japan on the 28th of September 1990. She started to play the trumpet as a member of elementary school’s marching band at the age 10. When she was a high school student, she belonged to the community big band and performed in various places, this experiences made her decide to make Jazz her major. Since then, she started learning Jazz trumpet under the guidance of Tomonao Hara. In 2013, she graduated from Senzoku College of music. During her bachelor’s studies, she started performing Jazz with her own Jazz quintet and as a part of the other bands around Tokyo.

    She was interested in international musical activities and composing  thorough the visiting to the United States several times. And she founded Remi Inari Jazz Orchestra to perform her compositions and arrangements in 2012. 


    In 2014 she moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands  where she is currently living and studying composition under Paul van Brugge at Codarts University for the Arts and working with different musicians and artists on various cross over art projects.


   She also teaches composition/arranging and music theory privately and through the online class.


Remi Inari Jazz Orchestra

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    Remi inari Jazz Orchestra was founded in 2012. The orchestra consists of professional musicians who have very active careers in Japan. “Hosni no tabi” is their first recording and Inari’s first notable composition. In 2013, they had their first concert in Tokyo and the performance was an immense success, which led to the second concert in 2015 at Shinjuku Pit-Inn, which is one of the most historically significant Jazz venues in Tokyo. In summer of 2016, they had a Japan Tour. The tour brought original contemporary jazz orchestra compositions to new audiences and also included workshops for children and amateurs.


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