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July 27, 2019

"Predictable Bison" is up on YouTube!

June 08, 2019

Mortal Man's Journey Toward The Light

Saturday June 8 2019 1:30pm

@ 2563 S. Milwakee St.Denver CO 80210

Hosted by Paul Docktor

Come enjoy drinks and a world premier of David's Shepard's poetry set to music by Remi Inari. $25 fee goes directly to the artists.

David Shepard released his poetry book Mortal Man's Journey Toward The Light in 2018, and composer Remi Inari set 11 poems out of the book to music for soprano, bassoon, and vibraphone.

Performing will be soprano Daniela Guzmán Égüez, bassoonist Banri Hoshi, and percussion Danny Vargas on vibraphone.

Drinks are included, your $25 donation will go directly to the artists.

Please make checks out to Banri Hoshi. Cash is also accepted.

Thank you in advance for your support of these fabulous performers.

April 15, 2019

[Sold Out] New composition "Predictable Bison" will be performed by "Wintet

Remi Inari's new composition "Predictable Bison" will be performed by "Wintet".

April 15th 2019

@ 2563 S. Milwakee St.Denver CO 80210

December 30, 2018

New composition for Kentaro Yano (Perc.) and Electoronics Music is up on YouTube!

This composition was performed in December 21st, 23rd and 24th in Sapporo and Tokyo.

It was a wonderful experience thanks of creative Kids!!!! Feel free to check it out!

May 09, 2018

Paul M. van Brugge introduced Remi Inari in the trailer of Composers Festival 2018

Paul M. van Brugge introduced Codarts composition department and his students Thomas Böttcher and Remi Inari in our third trailer.  Feel free to check it out!

May 23, 2018

The premiere of Jazz Opera "INE~The daughter of Siebold~"

Jazz Opera "INE~The daughter of Siebold~" Final Exam:Remi Inari

Date: May 23, 2018 

Starting time: 20:30

Location: Jurriaanse Zaal, De Doelen Rotterdam

Free Admission

Sara Moreira Marques (Vocal)
Milan Faas(Vocal) 
Lin Liyuan (Violin)
Celia Molina Gómez (Violin)
Esther Fernández Olalla(Viola)
Inés De Juan Periago(Cello)
Violeta Gil García(Flute, Piccolo) 
James Sangpill Yoon (Oboe)
Marenka Brussee (Clarinet)
Alberto Garcia Villoria (Bass Clarinet)
Fanni Pósa (French Horn)
Jacob Smit (Trumpet)
Alejandro Antiñolo (Trombone)
Adnan Dura (Alto Saxophone)
Loek van den Berg (Tenor Saxophone)
Albert Kerekes (Baritone Saxophone)
Yiannis Karygiannis (Piano) 
Donatas Bielunskis (Bass)
Martin Hafizi (Drums)
Diego Casado (Percussion)

Remi Inari (Composer/Director)

August 19, 2017

New composition "JUGEMU" is up on Youtube!

Live performance of Inari's new composition ''JUGEMU'' is finally up on Youtube! Please check it out! 

May 12, 2017

The world premiere of "Green Unknown"

Inari's composition "Green Unknown" will be premiered by AKOM Ensemble at Codarts in Rotterdam. Please drop by if you are around.

April 01, 2017

The Big Day

Inari's new composition " Jugemu ~featuring Albert Kerekes (baritone saxophone)~" and 5 new compositions by brilliant young composers will be premiered at Grote Zaal in De doelen, Rotterdam.
Please come and have a look!!!!!

Sueño Cubano - Thomas Böttcher
Jugemu - Remi Inari
One whose name written in the water- S'yo Fang
Antiarchy - Stamatis Pasopoulos
Seventh - Mario Tofiño
Vote for Cannibalism ^.^ - Kaori Neus

Conducted by: Hans Leenders

Special guests:
Sara Moreira Marques
Nina Künzel
Priscilla Nokoe
Yoojin Ko

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